SSL/AWL 2024

The Sydney Super League (SSL) was specially created by Water Polo NSW to fill the gap in play due to Covid-19 for our elite players ahead of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. This competition was the Olympic warm up for the best men’s water polo talent in Australia, providing meaningful competition at a time where extra emphasis is placed upon player match fitness and performance. 

Following its success, the Sydney Super League has been running since and again in the 2023/24 summer season, following the same format as it did previously with each participating club hosting a home round, culminating in finals hosted by Water Polo NSW. The Sydney Super League will act as a warm-up event for the elite athletes in the lead up to Water Polo Australia’s (WPA) Australian Water Polo League (AWL).

The Australian Waterpolo League (AWL) is Australia's premier domestic water polo competition. Clubs compete in the annual league. The national league started in 1990 as a Men's competition and in 2004 the women's competition started. Drummoyne entered the league in 2008 with a Men's team who were joined by the Women's team in 2009.

The AWL is truly a national competition, featuring teams from states across Australia and international players joining teams to make it a high quality competition.

We are grateful to the many Cap Sponsors who making it possible for the Drummoyne teams to compete in these prestigious competitions. Details of the players and their sponsors are on the team pages. 

The Kap7 Cup AWL Home and away games draw can be found here.

Our Team Details

Home Pool:
Drummoyne Swimming Centre
Henley Marine Drive
Drummoyne, NSW
Phone: 02 9181 1258

Club Delegate:
Michael Hahn
Ph: 0419 415 381

About our Men's Team
Seasons: 2008-2024
Runners-up 2009, 2010, 2019, 2022
Semi finalist 2015
Elimination Finalist 2016, 2017, 2018
2020 and 2021 seasons not completed due to COVID-19

About our Women's Team
Seasons: 2009-2024
Semi finalist 2018
Elimination Finalist 2009, 2015
2020 and 2021 seasons not completed due to COVID-19

Head Coach:
Dean Semmens
Ph: 0417 655014

Head Coach:
John Hahn
Ph: 0432 969 445

  Assistant Coach:
Scott Schweikle
Ph: 0435 997 179


Team Manager:
Paul Patrick
Ph: 0412 254 655

Team Managers:
Davor Lovrinovic Kaic
Ph: 0419 529 071

Christian DiGiandomenico
Ph: 0411 198 974

Click for Men's Player Profiles (2024 season) 

Click for Women's Player Profiles (2024 season)



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