Registration FAQs

Registration FAQ

We have this Registration FAQ to assist with the online registration process, the information is current as at 10 October 2021.

  1. Do I have to register?

    Yes. Only players, coaches and managers who have registered can be allocated to a team. Only players who have paid can play when the season commences.
  2. Do I have to register if I was a playing member in the preceding season?

    Yes. You will be RENEWING your membership.
  3. Should I [RENEW] or [REGISTER]?

If you were a registered player, coach or manager for the past season then [RENEW]. You will just need to enter your Last Name and Date of Birth and your prior registration details should pre-populate the form.

Please check all of your details carefully and update if required.

If you are a new playing member (or if the renewal process does not work - it happens!) then [REGISTER] and complete the full online form.

  1. How do I know what 'Registration Type' to choose? I think I am a player, a coach, a manager and a parent.

Don't panic. We have thought about this a bit. Choose from the top of the list.

The player classification is the most important one. If you are a player then you must register as a PLAYER, as primary rego. A player can then choose an ‘add on’ as coach, or manager.

- Parent ‘s register as supporter, coach or manager if applicable.
- Supporters, friends and sponsors please register as a supporter.

  1. How much are the Summer 2023/2024 Fees?

Please see our tab on the Registration page

  1. Why are pool entry fees not included OR why am I being charged pool entry?

Each pool that Drummoyne utilises for training and games charges different entry fees. DWPC does not receive any of this money. This entry fee must be paid in order to enter the pool whether you are playing or spectating.

Your fees include the cost of hiring the pool. It is much more cost effective to buy a multi-entry or season pass to Drummoyne, and if you train at MLC you must 'add on' your entry pass depending on the number of times a week you train there.

  1. My U12 child is not playing in a competition – do I have to register?

Yes. If your U12 is participating in our Junior Development program then please register as in the Junior Development Basics program when the link is available.

Yes. If your U12 is participating in Summer Metro competition, then please register as Junior Metro.

  1. I would like to do trial before I decide to register - Is that possible?

Absolutely! We love nothing more than welcoming new, experienced players or those just starting out on their journey. We have a Come & Try registration link, which covers your insurance for a month from registration.  This IS NOT the registration for FlippaBall registrations

If you not sure which team, division or age group you might be in, please contact

for Friday Night Junior Development and U13s competition please contact

Charlotte Williams -

  1. Do I need to check my email and mobile phone numbers when I renew my registration?

Yes. Please ensure the primary mobile phone number on the account is the one that should receive infrequent/urgent SMS alerts (relevant to games, training and events). You can also include additional email addresses (useful for family accounts)

  1. I am a parent. Do I have to register?

Yes. We require parents to register and to register each of their playing children. This also lets you indicate WWCC (Child Protection Certifications) and table duties accreditation as well as indicating to the club how you can help.

  1. Can I group children/sub-accounts under the one 'parent' account?

Yes. If you would like to email us after registration is complete we can group multiple accounts under one 'parent' account. We need to manually link the accounts, so give us a few days to catch up. This then lets you view invoices and payments for grouped accounts in the one place. Eventually, the platform will support access to view registration details, teams, events and training sessions for all accounts grouped under the one parent.

  1. Help! I am getting lots of emails about unpaid invoices?

The membership platform automatically sends reminders about invoices that are unpaid, initially every 7 days. Please pay ASAP or contact to let us know about payment details. These emails are sent to the primary email address, additional email addresses and the email on parent account.

  1. How do I access the members only website?

Once you have completed registration, you will be sent an email to ensure you have a member login to the club site. This will let coaches and managers communicate with their teams, enable player access to member content (training programs and videos) and enable easy registration for events and training. It will also let you easily update your details and track any family payments for sub-accounts grouped under your account.

  1. Can I pay by cash or email my credit card details to you?


  1. Can I pay via Credit Card?

Yes. The credit card payment screen will appear after registration.

  1. Is credit card payment the only option for Registration?

Mostly Yes. In exceptional circumstances a payment plan with EFT part payments can be arranged by the registrar. Please see below. Please note that WPA and WPNSW have mandated charging of membership fees via credit card payments.

  1. Is there an additional charge for using Credit Card?

Yes. The WPA mandated service provider charges approximately 2% + $0.60 service charge for each registration and this direct cost is passed on to you. This even applies to a debit card.

  1. Why are the merchant fees 'approximate'?

We are answering this, because we have been asked. The merchant fee is a few cents less than 2% + $0.60 per transaction. This is because there is a $1 merchant fee included in the WPA fee and this is not subject to the service charge calculation. Once again.... we are only telling you this because we have been asked.

  1. Can I pay via EFT when at the point of registration/renewal?

No all registrations need to be paid by credit card.

  1. Why do I have to pay GST

As DWPC has grown so have our obligations under Australian Tax laws. Unfortunately this is out of our control, but please know that were we can, the Club does its best to absorb the GST.

  1. Do you offer payment plan?

Please email

  • Can I claim the NSW ActiveKids $50 sports voucher?

In the registration process there is a field to provide your ActiveKids $100 sports voucher from NSW Govt

Active Kids Program Info

Please note that this program provides you with two vouchers per child per year. WPNSW check the validity of the voucher and apply the discount

  1. I am having problems renewing and am getting a messages about duplicate membership records

This issue may happen for renewing members who also have registrations with WPA or WPNSW programs. It is easily resolved by entering your 'national id' at renewal. Please email and we will send this to you.

22. I still have questions?

Please email your manager or

23. Ready to register

Follow this link back to the Registration page

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